About Dr Anoop

Dr. Anoop Chaturvedi is the CEO of World Antiaging Network, the First International peer to peer platform of Antiaging physicians, the Founder President of Antiaging Medicine and Research, AMAR India, and Antiaging conference and expo "INDOMEDICON" which brings latest advances congress courses and certifications on Anti-Aging , Aesthetics, Lasers, Wellness Care, Weight Loss Protocols , Bioidentical Hormones for Men and Women and Regenerative Medicine for doctors. He is also International Advisor of Antiaging Clinics in Katy, Sugar Land, Houston, TX Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and Mumbai India to name a few. Dr. Anoop Chaturvedi can only be described as a man with an insight and passion for antiaging and wellness medicine. In 2007 Mr. Chaturvedi founded the Society of Antiaging Medicine and Research AMAR-India based in Mumbai which provides educational, clinical and research support for physicians. He is an International Scientific Advisor for EuroMediCom and the World Society of Antiaging Medicine, a scientific advisor for Nucerity International Medical, and a Member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine & World Society of Interdisciplinary Antiaging Medicine.

Mr. Chaturvedi has also lectured extensively in antiaging conferences and public forums in the United States and abroad on a variety of topics including the use of natural hormones for the treatment and prevention of age-related conditions and is a frequent instructor at Antiaging Medicine conferences throughout the world including France, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Italy, South Africa, Dubai, Monte Carlo, Spain, India on the concept of Aging and Antiaging Medicine.

His main focus of research and lectures in various conferences is on the use of Bio-Identical hormones in men and women, Neurotransmitters for brain health, Wellness Medicine, Stress Reduction, Weight Loss protocols and Socio economic aspects of anti-aging. In addition, he trains physicians in the Antiaging Medicine Specialization Course conducted globally by the World Society of Antiaging Medicine and also trains physicians in the International Hormone Society.

Before he became an international anti-aging expert, Mr. Chaturvedi received his Medical Degree and Post Graduation in Anesthesiology from Government Medical College Miraj in India. He also received Doctor of Medicine with Honors from the USAT Montserrat and Doctor of Education from International University Panama. He continued his career as a lecturer in Anesthesiology and presented papers worldwide in his specialty of Anesthesiology. During his career as anesthesiologist he realized the stress physicians go through during their career and completed his thesis on "Day to Day Stress in Anesthesiologists" for Diplomate National Board (DNB Anesthesiology) which was presented at various national and international conferences including the World Congress of Anesthesiologists in Paris in 2004. During his career as a research scientist in USA he noticed that several very common pain syndromes were results of simple correctible hormonal imbalances. This provided an insight about the importance of Hormones in health and wellness so he started his research on safe natural alternative of hormone replacement therapy for prevention and treatment of age related disorders and improvement in quality of life in both men and women understanding the concept of Aging, Anti-Aging and Age Management medicine.

He has also been conducting antiaging workshops and treatment protocol reviews on the basis of evidence based medicine for physicians in Southeast Asia on the use of Bioidentical Hormones for treatment and prevention of age related conditions. His lectures and workshops had made Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy very simple for the physicians who have now incorporated it in their practice successfully. He provides worldwide support to his fellow physicians on questions and concerns related to bioidentical hormone replacement therapy on their patients.

He is also working on the implications of aging and anti-aging on social and economical aspects of the nation. His research will soon be available for public in the form of his long awaited book. Dr Anoop Chaturvedi brings his rich medical experience and knowledge back to India through Antiaging Medicine and Research-India. (AMAR-India).